Finest China Experience 

Virtual China track + Delegation to Shanghai :: October 12-16th 2020

Welcome to the Finest mobilisation of startup community to China &
SLUSH Shanghai 2020 from the Finest Bay Area community

Join a 5-day fully-packed tour to Shanghai with the Finest China community. Start the trip upfront with virtual track and online pitching to Chinese venture companies.

Finest China Experience Program 2020 


October 12-14th

Workshops, seminars and group chat Q&As with leading entrepreneurs, incubators, and venture capitalists in China

(More Details Coming Soon)


October 12-14th

Tailored meetings, chat group invitations, company visits and dinners with local partners


October 15-16th

As official partners, we will help you maximize your presence, pitch, and networking at SLUSH!

Finest China Community

+ Virtual Track

The program is co-created with members from Finest China Community who are dedicated to succeed in China, along with supporting other entrepreneurs, in the core are industry experts who have done years of business in China

Check the community page above and join us!

We will invite you to the first virtual event, group chats and give you the must-reads to understand Chinese markets

Virtual track includes online pitching with SLUSH China to the venture capital companies in China. First one on Health-tech is on May 22nd


Join Our Community

We are looking for partners and sponsor to join building the tour tracks. Especially, people who have worked in the startup ecosystem in China.

We look for visionary corporations to support the community building, and join to the best-facilitated innovation community between East and West.

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Meet The Hosts

We are a team of experienced and international community builders and entrepreneurs

with focus on China

Santeri Tuovila

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Community infrastructure architect + builder, coordinator of Finest Bay Area goes to Greater Bay Area

Alexander Anserud

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Technical Entrepreneur and Community Builder in Asia/Sweden

Peter Vesterbacka

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